Shipping Order Form

Vehicle Shipping Order Form

I agree to and authorize transportation of my vehicle as set forth with the terms and conditions page included with
the Vehicle Shipping Order.
All payments are due on delivery except credit cards. The credit card must be charged after the vehicle is loaded
on the truck at pick up. A credit card authorization form will have to be filled out, signed and returned to our office
after your vehicle is picked up.

Thank you for selecting Ship Your Car & Logistic Services
1. The driver is authorized to operate and transport his/her or their motor vehicle between it’s pick up location and the destination set forth on this shipping order- bill of lading. Carrier’s responsibility begins when the shipper or his agent signs the Bill of lading at the pick up and ends when the shipper or his agent signs the Bill of Lading at delivery.
2. Customer is the registered legal owner of the vehicle(s) and has the authority to enter into this agreement or has been duly authorized by the legal owner of the vehicle(s) to enter into this agreement.
3. Insurance: Trucking damage claims are covered by carrier from $100,000 up to $250,000 cargo insurance per load, and a minimum of 3/4 of a million dollars public liability and property damage. All claims must be noted and signed for at time of delivery, and submitted in writing within 15 days of deliver.
4. Guaranty: Ship Your Car & Logistic Services agrees to provide a carrier to transport your vehicle as promptly as possible in accordance with your instructions but cannot guarantee pickup or delivery on a specified date. Ship Your Car & Logistic Services does not agree to pay for your rental of a vehicle, nor shall it be liable for failure of mechanical or operating parts of your vehicle. Primary insurance will be provided by the carrier assigned to your move. A copy of the insurance certificate, safety rating and Motor Carrier license can be provided upon request.
5. Neither Ship Your Car & Logistic Services or any of the carriers we use are responsible for damages (either interior or exterior) caused to vehicle(s) by excess loading of personal items inside the vehicle(s). Ship Your Car & Logistic Services are not licensed to cart household goods or personal items. Any costs, damages, sit time, or citations issued to carrier due to or caused by excess weight or personal items in vehicle(s) will be the sole responsibility of the owner/agent. The following items are not to be in the vehicle at time of shipment: Explosives, Guns, Ammunition, Inflammable Products, Narcotics, Negotiable And Legal Papers, Alcoholic Beverages, Jewelry, Furs, Money, other articles of unusual value, Live Pets, Live Plants, or Contraband. Any delay time, fines, bail and/or impound fees will be passed along to consignee and/or agent before release of vehicle(s).
6. Pick up and delivery is from your door to your door unless residential area restrictions apply. Terminal fees are not included in initial quotes.
7. Shipper warrants that he/she will pay the price quoted due Ship Your Car & Logistic Services for delivered vehicles, and will not seek to charge back a credit card or stop a check to offset any dispute for damage claims. Department of Transportation regulations require that all claims be filed in writing and all tariffs be paid in full before claims are processed.
8. Should this order be cancelled, for any reason, after the trucking company has arrived at your home or office to pick up the vehicle, a charge of $100.00 shall
be paid to the carrier.
9. If for any reason the owner/shipper or his/her appointed agent fails to take possession of the vehicle(s) upon notification of arrival, a storage charge and/or terminal fee shall be assessed unless prior arrangements are made, i.e. free storage charges. This storage charge shall also accrue if owner/shipper or agent fails to retrieve vehicle(s) after notifying Ship Your Car & Logistic Services of his/her intent to cancel the shipping order. This charge will accrue at the current rate of vehicle storage. The vehicle(s) and/or other item(s) will be subject to all lien and auction rights of Ship Your Car & Logistic Services and/or the terminal in order to satisfy any unpaid storage terminal fees and transportation costs. Ship Your Car & Logistic Services will commence legal action for these costs beginning.
10. Owner understands and agrees that the vehicle order is subject to the terms and conditions of individual trucking companies used by Ship Your Car & Logistic Services for shipment.
11. Per Insurance Commerce Commission law, any claim damages arising out of the use of a truck to deliver owner’s vehicle must be taken up directly with the trucking company Ship Your Car & Logistic Services brokered the shipment to. If there is any damage, the liability for same lies solely with the trucking company, not Ship Your Car & Logistic Services. Ship Your Car & Logistic Services will furnish owner/consignee with name and phone number of the trucking company used for transport and will assist in providing any other necessary information, should a claim arise. Any claim for damage must be submitted in writing, along with at least two (2) estimates of damage from an authorized body shop or automobile dealership along with clear photographs of said damage. This must be postmarked within ten (10) days of owner/agent receiving vehicle(s).
12. If there is any problem regarding a truck delivery, any balance due the truck must be paid before a claim be honored. First, the damage should be properly noted on the delivery receipt (bill of lading) while the driver is still there and the balance paid in cash. Then a copy of the delivery receipt, estimates and pictures
should be sent to Ship Your Car & Logistic Services and the carrier immediately so as to expedite a proper resolve. Payment to the driver or signing of bill of
lading at destination without notation of damage, not matter what time of day or night, type of weather, shall be evidence of satisfactory delivery of vehicle(s).
Failure to do so indicates satisfactory delivery and no further claim can/will be honored by carrier or Ship Your Car & Logistic Services.
13. All cash on delivery (C.O.D) charges must be paid in either CASH or CASHIER’S CHECK only, no other form of payment will be accepted. No credit cards
on delivery. Credit cards are charged after the carrier picks up your vehicle. Ship Your Car & Logistic Services will charge your card only.
14. Any legal action against Ship Your Car & Logistic Services must be filed in the Municipal or Superior court of Mendocino County, California in the judicial district nearest to the principal place of business of Ship Your Car & Logistic Services. BY EXECUTING THIS AGREEMENT, OWNER/SHIPPER/CONSIGNEE
WAIVES ANY AND ALL RIGHTS TO LITIGATE ELSEWHERE. The prevailing party in any litigation initiated under this agreement shall be entitled to
reasonable attorney fees and court costs incurred.
15. Ship Your Car & Logistic Services wishes to inform you that the trucking company which your car is brokered to will not be responsible for the following:

• Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acid, cooling system antifreeze solution, industrial fallout, or acts of God.

• Damage which is unable to be detected due to excessive dirty condition of car.

• Damages occurring while loading and unloading inoperable vehicles due to defective, worn or improperly attached parts, damage to tires, etc.

• Damage or loss of loose parts of special equipment when not properly secured or stored so as to prevent loss-by owner/shipper in advance of pickup.

• Mechanical functions, exhaust assembly, alignment, suspension or tuning of engine because inspection of these items is not practical at time of shipment.

• Damage caused by freezing of cooling system and/or batteries. Protection from freezing will be furnished by and at the expense of owner. Owner will perform such service himself/herself.

• Cost or expenses, including towing or repair charges, resulting from malfunction of auto.

• Damage to antenna which does not fully retract.

• Damage to windshields or to interior of car.

• Loss or damage to any radio equipment not originally factory installed.

• Damage to any car that can not be driven on and off truck under it’s own power, or brakes or parking gear. Service charge to jump start or tow on and off the truck.

• Not responsible for vehicles with no brakes, vehicles that are repossessions, or vehicles that can not move on their own power.

• Articles left in car.

• Auto rentals will not be honored.